Awnings with cassette

Cassette awnings are a type of awning that has a closed casing in which the awning is stored when it is folded down. The cassette, usually made of aluminum, protects the awning from the elements such as rain and wind, increasing its durability.

Cassette awnings can be installed on both windows and balconies or terraces. There are different types of cassette, such as round or square, and they can be customized with different finishes such as paint color.

Cassette awnings come in different sizes, depending on the area to be covered. In addition, they can be operated in different ways, such as manually or by an electric motor.

This type of awning is an excellent solution for protecting indoor spaces from the sun’s rays and overheating, improving living comfort. In addition, cassette awnings can be chosen according to the design of the building, with the possibility of customizing them to fit the architectural style of the home.


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