Outdoor accessories

Open Design Service offers a wide range of outdoor accessories and garden furniture that make your outdoor spaces more beautiful and functional, enhancing their appearance and increasing comfort.

Starting with shading devices, used to create shade and reduce the intensity of the sun’s rays, which can be made from water- and UV-resistant synthetic fabrics and are available in many different versions and sizes (roller blinds, sunshades, gazebos).

Moving on to awnings, a great solution for creating shady areas on terraces or balconies, which can be operated manually or through a motorized system.

Open Design Service also offers you the option of choosing Shovel Building Shielding, solar protection elements that are located on the facade of buildings.

Finally, the wonderful pergolas, aluminum or PVC structures that have the incredible power to create a new outdoor room or veranda. Build your relaxation area or a dining area with us, you can also use it in winter by adding panoramic windows and LED lights.




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Building shielding