Mosquito nets

Open Design Service has an extensive and well-stocked catalog of mosquito nets to custom design for your every need. In addition to protecting against the intrusion of insects, small animals or allergenic agents, Open Design Service’s mosquito nets are excellent technical-functional systems that are safe, environmentally friendly and reliable over time.

The quality of materials used ensures durability and effectiveness. Frames are available in different colors, painted, oxidized or faux wood, to match different styles of decor, enhancing any room.

Classic vertical sliding systems, with spring or chain opening, are the ideal solution for windows and doors/windows. Side-sliding insect screens, available with or without guides on the floor, are perfectly adapted to single- or multi-leaf openings. For more confined spaces, such as skylights or basements, we offer fixed-frame models with fiberglass or steel mesh.

The insertion of the special friction system helps to avoid sudden jerks by accompanying the movement gradually. Windproof buttons and a special zipper on the sides prevent the mesh from slipping out of the guides.


Lateral sliding/embedding

Vertical sliding/recess

Large size